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Ice climbing World Cup and European Championship in Kirov

Competitive ice climbing season 2018 has come to its end: The UIAA World Cup and European Championship has concluded in Kirov this weekend. The best athletes from 20 countries were competing in lead and speed climbing during 3 days, showcasing the wonders of strength, agility and endurance.

It's time to sum up the results of 2018 ice climbing season. ICE ROCK team has won 3 gold and 5 silver medals across 5 stages of the UIAA IWC. It allowed to take the the top two places in men's lead climbing: Tomilov Maxim was crowned as the 5-time IWC holder (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018).

Dengin Alexey took the silver medal, showcasing this season the best performance of his career.

Koshcheeva Ekaterina won the World Cup in speed climbing second season in a row.

Here are the overall results of 2018 competitive ice climbing season:

Men, lead climbing:

1. Tomilov Maxim (Russia, ICE ROCK team)
2. Dengin Alexey (Russia, ICE ROCK team)
3. Safdarian Korouyeh Mohammadreza (Iran)

Men, speed climbing:

1. Kuzovlev Nikolai (Russia)
2. Spitsyn Ivan (Russia)
3. Nemov Anton (Russia)

Tomilov Alexey (Russia, ICE ROCK team) took the 5th overall place in lead climbing and 9th - in the speed climbing.

Women, lead climbing:

1. SHIN Woonseon (South Korea)
2. Tolokonina Maria (Russia)
3. SONG Han Na Rai (South Korea)

Women, speed climbing:

1. Koshcheeva Ekaterina (Russia, ICE ROCK - technical gear sponsor)
2. Беляева Наталья (Россия)
3. Феоктистова Екатерина (Россия)

Filippova Maryam (Russia, ICE ROCK team) took hthe 9th overall place in lead climbing, 8th - in speed climbing.

Foreign athletes have finished their competitions, but Russian climbers have one more event ahead: all-Russian Championship (Kirov, March 9-11th). Good luck to everyone!

Photo credit: UIAA / Elena Temereva.