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Crampon boots ROCKET (IR 0649)

  • The crampon boots ROCKET are versatile boots specifically designed for sports climbing, steep ice climbing, mixed climbing and dry tooling. 5 mm thick CFRP insole guarantees standfast positioning, boot stiffness and vibration absorption.

    The key features of the boots are:
    1) the inner boot is triple-layered comprising a 3 mm thick non-woven insulation inner layer with a wear-resistant outer layer;
    2) the elastic gaiter is made of a three-layer membrane softshell fabric which is breathable and water resistant; the gaiter has a waterproof zipper;
    3) the insole is made of a 5 mm thick CFRP (carbon-filled plastic);
    4) the outer sole extends from toe to heel and is made of freeze-proof and wear-resistant rubber protecting the boot from damage;
    5) the full-length lacing through polyester loops of different size enables tight fitting. The boot’s tongue is made of neoprene fabric with cushioned perforated breathable areas;
    6) the polyester elastic band around the gaiter edge tightly supports the ankle;

    The insole is made of a composite material providing structural boot stiffness and has four 5.5 mm holes for attaching crampons.